“Matt’s Trees” is a nonprofit organized in memory of our son, brother and friend, Matt Sloan. At the time of Matt’s death in June 2010, he was working to rebuild homes in New Orleans that had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Matt believed that making New Orleans whole again would require not only renovation of damaged homes, but restoration of the total environment. It was his vision to establish a nonprofit dedicated to replanting trees and native landscaping that would positively impact the well-being of every returning resident.

We, Matt’s friends and family, are now taking his dream into our hands to fulfill. We believe that New Orleans can be replanted sustainably and intentionally, and that the redevelopment of the city has to include the restoration of its unique environment.

Please read the article written about Matt and our work in New Orleans written by NOLA Times Picayune columnist Bruce Nolan!

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  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Thanks for getting the website out, it looks great!!! Now, lets go win that grant!

    Remembering Matt…..


  2. Hayley says:

    The website looks AMAZING!! I especially love the top banner pic/graphic. Perfect.

  3. This is such a great idea. I will pass it around. I will even do a post on it.
    Thanks Jody for passing this along.

  4. What a wonderful idea and what a lovely tribute to Matt, who sounds like a great guy. I posted on the story and the vote at the Pepsi Project at my blog, Wounded Bird, and I encouraged my readers to vote every day until the voting closes. Maybe we can win this yet.

    Blessings and best wishes.

  5. lisa a hix says:

    my roomates and i are tree dwellers at 1614 Esplanade and St Claude Press. and we thank you. and ima lanscape gardenerd whod like to donate plants

    • Judy Sloan says:

      Lisa, we would HAPPILY accept a plant donation! We’ll be in NOLA the second week in Feb. to get started with our next five yards…we’ll spend that week interviewing homeowners and making a landscaping plan. If you’ll let me know how to contact you (email?) I’ll love to be in touch…thanks.


  6. j.s. jacques says:

    Very exciting project! You’ve got my votes. Keep up the great work.

  7. patrick brandner says:

    Wish I could have been at the reunion. I want to support this let me know how to help.

    • Judy Sloan says:

      Patrick, thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your response and offer of support. Right now, for the Pepsi project, we just need you to make every possible effort of “spread the word!” We have 23 more days to climb into the top ten! IF we don’t make it (and even if we do) we will just look for money elsewhere—but we WILL continue with this, no matter what…

  8. Kathi Tomeny says:

    Please remind me to vote every day. We older folks need gentle prodding! I’m happy to join in Matt’s work.

  9. Jenn Miguez says:

    Judy, I just submitted ya’ll for FetchPuppy.com. It’s this new thing that’s kind of like Groupon and LivingSocial, but they donate a percentage to a charity. Keep your fingers crossed!


  10. Richard Brown says:

    The site looks great. I’ll be making my donation via paypal ASAP and look forward to spreading the word via tshirts worn by me and my family!

    • Judy Sloan says:

      Hey, Rick…I have your T-shirts in hand and will send them off to you tomorrow. Wish we’d had time to visit while Lauren and I were in NOLA but we just didn’t stop for a minute. We’ll be back around May 12…have a planting on the 14th and then another one on the 16 and 17th, and may actually do one or two more before we leave. We’re trying to get finished with everything “current” before the end of June…

      Will be in touch! I know you’ll love your shirts…if sizes aren’t right, just let me know. The women’s small is actually about 4″ shorter than the unisex small, so if you want to change out Clara’s that would be fine…unless she’s going to wear it as a nightshirt!


  11. Lisa A Hix says:

    i have a few trees that are still small… Calamundin Oranges, Cypress, etc. But things like celosia grow reat tall real fast… firespike, I’ll get some stuff ready. Sorry it took me so long to find this page.

    • Judy Sloan says:

      Hi, Lisa…we have taken a couple of months off and will be back in town in September. I’d love to talk to you then about what you can share with us….as I said before, ALL donations are welcome!

      I also could use some help, and maybe you would be interested. My daughter and I are in NOLA about 10 days every month (except for July, August, Dec. and Jan.) and we do have some plants that we leave in town in a friend’s backyard. We have watering help—but I’m not sure that the person watering really knows much about plants. I would LOVE to find someone to go by periodically and check on our “stuff”—if that’s something you’d be willing to do for us, I would really appreciate that. The yard is behind a house on Audubon St., which is 1 block on the “downtown” side of Broadway, and it’s about 6 houses off of Claiborne toward St. Charles.

      Anyway, please let me know if that is something you would be able/interested in doing for us! Thanks!


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